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Whether far-away or up-close, the subjects I’m passionate about compel me to seek the facts, places, lives and words that will help me tell stories that matter. I love learning new things and conveying excitement and wonder to readers.

This dedication to going where the subject takes me—not just literally but figuratively—is at the core of who I am as a writer.

Specializing in freelance writing about the environment, astronomy and space sciences, I have published work in venues such as Sky & Telescope, SkyNews, High Country NewsOrion, Pacific StandardThe American Scholar, Astrobiology and The Space Review. My interests revolve about lunar and solar-system science, space history, exoplanets and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.





Like good luck, eloquence favors the best-prepared.

I’ve given talks to middle-school children, senior citizens, fellow writers, university audiences and the interested public, as well as multiple interviews on television and radio. Showing families thrilling views of the lunar surface through a telescope, I’ve explained why we see only one side of the Moon. Recounting the heart-breaking deaths of the last birds of several North American species, I’ve moved audiences to tears. Weaving the story of personal reckoning with hunting meteorites in Antarctica, I’ve brought listeners along with me to one of the most desolate and sublime places on the planet.

For a Tucson TED-X talk, I spoke about extinction and how heresy can be hope. For a University of Arizona Humanities Week celebration, I gave talks on meteorite hunters and the culture of shooting stars. Most recently, with my co-editor, I've given interviews on PBS and "Planetary Radio" for Beyond Earth's Edge.

Whether working informally with college students on a trail in a national park or giving a natural-history talk at the Smithsonian, I relish connecting with audiences, giving them the textures of science, history and personal journeys. 




As a seasoned science communicator, I know how to prepare you to better communicate your science in writing and aloud—with passion and accuracy.

Through workshops focused on creative science communication, I can hep you unlock specific imagery in poetry and prose in order to avoid vagueness, jargon, abstraction and clichés. I can also help you to link different experiences, memories and discourses in order to cultivate fresh metaphors and similes that connect science to everyday life. Workshops encourage participants to explore free-writing and formal poetry as well as short personal essays about their research and their journeys as scientists. Finally, participants learn to sharpen verbal expression through elevator pitch training that builds on the speaker's passion and cultivates bodily comfort in the process no matter how shy you may be.

Topics can be explored in greater or lesser depth through a variety of different modules and formats depending on needs.

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